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Порто Фереира бело Порто Фереира бело
Код на вино: 909

Grape varieties: Malvasia Fina, Codega, Rabigato, Gouveio
Characteristics: Yellow-straw hue and a fresh but intense aroma, with attractive floral and fruit tones. Soft and very well balanced in the mouth, it is a rich and full wine, with added complexity and nobility deriving from a careful ageing in wood.
Serving: Served chilled, on its own or accompanying dry fruits and toasted almonds, Ferreira White makes an ideal aperitif. For a highly refreshing option, full of flavor, please try a "Ferreira Tonic", serving in a tall glass 1/2 of Ferreira White Porto, 1/2 of tonic water, ice and lemon.

Регион: Португалија     Тип: слатко бело

alcohol 19,5 %      alcohol 750 ml      alcohol 6

Цена: 875 ден.    Цена на пакет: 5000 ден.

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