Голем ПОПУСТ на вината од винаријата Шчурек која е лоцирана во еден од најпознатите вински региони во Словенија, Горишка Брда. . . .
POPOV Muscat 2007 POPOV Muscat 2007
Sopot - Tikvesh region
Wine Code: 1031

Silver medal on Muscats du Monde

Grape varieties: Temjanika (Muscat Frontignan).
Sort: White dry wine, 13 % alcohol
- Bright straw yellow colour.
- Fresh, intensive muscat and sweet aromas like caramel, with floral notes like rose.
- Intensive, but harmonious and fine muscat taste with long finish.
Serving: Serve at 10°C. Enjoy it by itself as an aperitif, with salads, entries, white fish, but also with fruit and white creamy deserts, ice-cream, etc.

Region: Macedonia     Type: strong dry white

alcohol 13 %      alcohol 750 ml      alcohol 6

Price: 345 den.    Packet Price: 1950 den.

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