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Château  DU TAILHAS 2001 Château DU TAILHAS 2001
Bordeaux, Pomerol
Wine Code: 462

Grape varieties: Merlot , Cabernet Franc , Cabernet Sauvignon.
- Beautiful dark purple robe.
- The nose is intense, subtle, elegant, with a very nice expression of red fruits among other, violet and liquorice, all in harmony with wood. In the mouth, This wine reveals itself to be fleshy, full of body, with superb fruit, an elegant texture, a voluptuous finale with quite present and rich tannins.
Serving: Served at room temperature, it accompanies red grilled meat, poultry and cheese.


Region: France     Type: strong red dry

alcohol 13 %      alcohol 750 ml      alcohol 12

Price: 2590 den.    Packet Price: 27900 den.

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