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Château BARTHEZ 2002 Château BARTHEZ 2002
Bordeaux, Haut Medoc
Wine Code: 454

Grape varieties: Merlot 5%, Cabernet Franc 30%, Cabernet Sauvignon 65%.
- The wine has a lovely ruby-red color and a characteristic aromatic bouquet. It is quite round on the palate with tannins that call for two to three years' ageing in bottle to reach their peak.
Serving: Chateau Barthez is best enjoyed at room temperature (18° C). It is an ideal accompaniment to red meat, poultry, and grilled lamb.

Region: France     Type: strong red dry

alcohol 12,5 %      alcohol 750 ml      alcohol 6

Price: 1195 den.    Packet Price: 6810 den.

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